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Introducing 'Dirty Blonde' – the ultimate mobile music game where zombie battles meet the beats of country music, featuring talented star Alissa Hale!

Rock Out with Alissa Hale: Team up with the renowned country music sensation for an epic adventure in a zombie-overrun world. With Alissa's electrifying tunes, you'll stylishly navigate through hordes of undead.

Fight Off Zombie Hordes: Prepare for unprecedented zombie confrontations! Harness your musical skills to defeat waves of zombies, all while grooving to Alissa's hits.

Dynamic Soundtrack: Dive into an immersive country music experience with levels featuring Alissa Hale’s chart-toppers. From emotional ballads to energetic anthems, each track keeps you engaged and ready for action.

Epic Boss Battles: Test your skills and timing against monstrous zombie bosses. Can you outmaneuver these formidable foes with Alissa by your side?

Unlock Exclusive Content: Progress in the game to unlock rewards, outfits, and customization options inspired by Alissa’s iconic style. Showcase your flair as you conquer the zombie-infested world.

Compete for Glory: Climb the ranks and compete against players globally in leaderboard challenges. Prove you're the ultimate zombie-slaying champion and secure bragging rights.

Ready for a thrilling musical journey to save the world from a zombie apocalypse with Alissa Hale? Download now and let the adventure begin!



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